Tuesday, August 4, 2009

#43: Stacey's Emergency

Tagline: Stacey just can't win.

Cover: For once, Stacey's hair looks kind of permed, at least near the bottom. The top is kind of flat, but her bangs are happening. I hope Becca is standing on top of of a stool or something, otherwise the perspective is all out of whack.

Plot!: Stacey starts to feel sick because of her diabetes, but she doesn't tell anyone. She goes off her diet and really isn't very well, and then when she's in New York visiting her dad she ends up in the hospital. She confesses how sick she's been and talks to her parents about how they've been putting her in the middle. While she's in the hospital, Charlotte becomes convinced that she's sick, too, but she gets better when Stacey comes home.

Points of Interest:
  • The first chapter includes a lot of information on diabetes, just to get us prepped for the rest of the book.
  • Stacey is still trying to sort out a lot of the divorced kid stuff in this book, like how to talk to her parents and how to deal with the fact that she chose to live in Stoneybrook rather than in New York.
  • Uh-oh! Stacey steals a Ring-Ding from Claudia's room and puts it in her purse. But what about her diabetes? Won't somebody think of her diabetes?!
  • The scene of Stacey drinking water on the train by cupping her hands together has stayed with me since the first time I read this book. It's a strange image to remember, but there are random scenes that stick in people's minds.
  • I know it's partly because it was reaching a critical point, but after spending like, one night with Stacey, her father takes her to the hospital. How was she hiding this so well from her mother? And knowing how nervous her mom is about Stacey's diabetes, it's a wonder her mom doesn't go through her room and stuff.
  • So Stacey goes to the hospital on Saturday morning, and her mom hears about this on Saturday night? Why did they wait so long to call her? Even if there's post-divorce stuff, that's still a long time, especially because by the time Mr. McGill calls her, she doesn't have enough time to get the last train to New York.
  • Stacey's mom brings her a stuffed pig. I forgot about Stacey's thing for pigs.
  • Laine comes to visit and brings Stacey a wind-up spider with red glasses, and blue plastic tulips. Very sophisticated.
  • While she's worrying about Stacey, Charlotte thinks she has a pinched nerve, an ulcer, diabetes, and anemia. Later she thinks she has Lyme disease, arthritis, kidney disease, and strep throat.
  • On Friday Stacey wakes up and feels bad, so she rings for a nurse. Last year I was in the hospital, and not in a private room like Stacey. My bed was added into a two bed room, right between them. And my buzzer was actually the buzzer for another bed. So whenever I rang it, a nurse would pop her head in, check the first bed (mine was on the other side of a curtain), and then leave. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening.
  • Stacey and her mom have a weird talk about her Dad, and his workaholic ways and how he avoids problems. But then Stacey doesn't want to talk anymore, so they find a Woody Allen movie and watch that. Because Woody Allen movies ALWAYS make situations less awkward.
  • Other sophisticated New York gifts from Laine: A camouflage print hat that says "Daddy's Little Hunting Buddy," a pair of light-up sunglasses, glow in the dark jewelry, a palm tree pen, and a mirror that laughs at you.
  • Alan Gray set off a cherry bomb in the bathroom? That seems...really serious.
  • Cokie got a nose job? That also seems unlikely.
  • After she comes home (after two weeks in the hospital), Stacey finally tells her mother that she's tired of being put in the middle. And her mom seems to listen. Hurrah!
Final Thought: I really like the colour of blue of Stacey's shirt on the cover. When I first read this, I would have thought that was the coolest shirt ever.


nikki said...

It's funny that you always think of her cupping her hands. Doesn't she say she wishes she had one of those telescoping camping cups? Because whenever I see one of those cups, I think "Stacey needed that on the train that one time..."

Also, Charlotte is going to be hella crazy.

Also, the laughing mirror is based on a real-life mirror someone gave Ann M. as a gag gift! Ahh...the Ann M. Biography was a wealth of crappy facts about her.

LAK said...

Ok, slightly off topic, but how did these girls not have weight problems? If I sat around eating candy for 1/2 an hour 3 times a week I'd weigh much more then I do now.

Emily said...

Yeah, that nose job thing was pretty ridiculous. No doctor would seriously give one to a 13 year old, unless (maybe) she'd been disfigured in an accident.

This book always makes me want candy in the way that "Jessi and the Awful Secret" makes me want Burger Kind. :)

Caroline from Sheep Are In said...

She does say that, Nikki. I always pictured it as a wax cup, which makes no sense. I think I have a copy of the AMM biography somewhere...what I always remember about THAT is that she fell out of tree and had to have her spleen removed.

LAK, I've never thought of it! But let's see...Dawn and Stacey rarely eat anything worse than pretzels. Kristy probably runs it off playing softball or whatever. I can't really see Mary Anne pigging out that much, and we all know Jessi has to watch her weight for dancing (plus, like Kristy, she exercises more than the rest). So really, it's just Claudia and Mallory. And Claudia has an amazing metabolism. So...poor Mallory!

Emily, I'm pretty sure when I was recapping this book I thought, hmm, some chocolate would be good!

Sadako said...

The books always made me want candy, too. I associate Claudia with Milky Ways. Esp. frozen ones.

But to be fair, I ate, and possibly still eat, as much as Claudia, did so I didn't think it was weird because I was super thin as a kid. Still am.

I also thought it was so bizarre that Stacey's mom had no clue what was going on. (And why was Stacey trying to hide it?!) But her dad knew as soon as she got there that she was sick. Maureen, you suck.