Friday, August 7, 2009

Sidebar: John Hughes

It might be a little longer than usual in between posts for the next little while...I'm in the middle of a move so normal services will be disrupted for awhile. Hopefully not very long.

I was really shocked by the news about John Hughes' death. 2009 seems to have had a number of high profile deaths, but I don't think anyone would have anticipated his death. Sixteen Candles was mentioned in at least The Ghost at Dawn's House, and maybe in more, too (I always liked Pretty in Pink better).

Anyway, to keep this BSC related, I'm going to match up the members to the John Hughes movie that they're most like.

Dawn - Just Visiting (screenplay by Hughes). Because, since she's bi-coastal, whether she's in California or Stoneybrook she's really just kinda visiting until she goes to the other place.

Claudia - Pretty in Pink, definitely (written by Hughes). Andie (Molly Ringwald) is a crazy dresser and everything thinks she looks awesome, and she takes a beautiful vintage prom dress and makes it look like ass.

Mallory - The Breakfast Club. She'd be the geeky one, the one who would probably volunteer to write the report at the end of the day, and the one who doesn't end up romantically paired with another person.

Jessi - Ferris Bueller's Day Off. While everyone else is boogie-ing to "Danke Shoen" and "Twist and Shout," Jessi could spice things up with some jetes or pirouettes.

Mary Anne - Sixteen Candles. I can totally picture Mary Anne kissing someone on a table with her birthday cake candles glowing away. Plus, she has a steady boyfriend, which somehow fits in with my image of this.

Stacey - Maid in Manhattan (Hughes, under a pseudonym, is credited with the story for the movie). Because, and you might not have known this, she's from New York.

Kristy - Mr. Mom (written by Hughes). Not only is Kristy and Mr. Mom an actual BSC title, but I can also see Kristy marrying a Mr. Mom type while she runs whatever successful business she runs.

Abby - Curly Sue. Along with her soccer and her Jewishness, her curly hair is what stands out for me. She narrowly beat out Stacey's inconsistent perm for this one.


nikki said...

That's a sweet tribute to a great filmmaker!

Sadako said...

HA! That Mallory one is SO true.
And also John Hughes wrote Home Alone which is basically the fantasy of every BSC member. The adults go away and we get to babysit for a little hellion. Times a thousand. Ugh.

nikki said...

There's an award waiting for you at my blog: