Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sidebar: BSC FanFic

If you're between books at the moment or looking for something to read that says the things you've always thought, I highly recommend Viva Las BSC! It was written a few years ago by a group of fans from the Fametracker boards, and in my opinion it captures the spirit of BSC snarkery perfectly.

I waded through a fair amount of BSC fanfic in the time between I discovered the online BSC following and decided to start a blog. A lot of it gets to be the same, though, and few of them are actually finished stories. In my unscientific view, I think that the most popular things to write about are the BSC reunion story and the Karen/Vanessa/Charlotte/someone else in that age group start their own BSC.

Here are some things that I'd like to see explored in the fanfic (and if anyone knows of or has written something along these lines, feel free to recommend it!)
  • The Kristy/Charlie/Sam relationship, especially with their father
  • Janine/Charlie (friendship...and maybe more?)
  • Watson/Lisa/Elizabeth (not necessarily a love triangle, but how the one marriage ended and how Watson and Elizabeth met)
  • Richard/Elizabeth (they never seemed like they even knew each other! Not romance, just as neighbours)
  • Richard/Sharon in high school
  • Laine in New York, living it up like Jen Lindley and Blair Waldorf


Sadako said...

Sweet! I once read a really good one about Mary Anne. Like, REALLY good. It revolved around a school shooting at Dawn's school in CA and MA being afraid Dawn was involved. I think MA might have had something wrong with her...disease related? And she and Logan were reconnecting. Please, help me find it!

nikki said...

I really love the thought of Janine/Charlie. I've read one or two, and there is something about that pairing that really intrigues me. I mean, Charlie had to have ulterior motives for agreeing to drive Kristy to Claud's house three times a week, right?

It's decided. My next fanfic will be Janine/Charlie. And I'll dedicate it to you.


nikki said...

Sorry for the second comment. I'm also considering fleshing out my Logan/Alan slashfic I posted a while ago.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Caroline from Sheep Are In said...

Nikki, you know I loved the Logan/Alan slash!

I think with Janine/Charlie, they were both described as being mature, but in different ways. Janine was years ahead of everyone in school (have you heard that she's a genius?) and Charlie was basically the man of the house from when he was ten on (until 17 or so), and I think he took that very seriously, esp. when you look at books like MYOB, Kristy or Kristy's Big News (I think that's the title, from the Friends Forever series where the Dad gets remarried). They had also known each other their whole lives (or at least whenever the Kishis moved in). Plus, you're right - why WAS he so into driving Kristy to BSC meetings?

Sarah said...

I've never been into BSC fic, or really even understood why it existed. But, I had nothing to do at work so gave the Las Vegas fic a read, and, as Claudia would say, "Oh my Lord!" That was hilarious, and yet also, so true to character and style. Thanks for the tip. Are there any other ones of that quality/style you can recommend?

Caroline from Sheep Are In said...

I'm glad you liked it, Sarah! As I said, it was organized on the Fametracker boards (a pop culture site that is sadly not around anymore), and it was really well planned - there were storylines and chapter assignments and deadlines and everything! But they really got the spirit of the super specials across. I don't have any more like that to recommend at the moment, but I might look for more fan fic to post in the future.