Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sidebar: New Accquisitions

I have just returned from a very successful trip to my local Salvation Army. Well, it started as a trip to the grocery store but something told me to keep going. And I did, and I found:
  • Super Special #5, New York, New York!
  • Super Special #8, Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake
  • Mystery #1, Stacey and the Missing Ring
  • Mystery #2, Beware, Dawn!
  • Mystery #5, Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic
  • Mystery #11, Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum
  • Mystery #26, Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter
  • Super Mystery #1, Baby-sitters' Haunted House
  • Super Mystery #2, Baby-sitters Beware
All for the low, low price of $7.11 - which is not bad for 9 books. And these aren't usually the kinds of books that you just find, I mean, they're not the ones that I usually do. I usually get the lower numbers of the regular series, the occasional Karen book, a few Super Specials. But this was a good find, I think. There are even some here, like Mysteries #11 and 26 that I haven't read, and the Super Mysteries I find really interesting, because I remember them being more dangerous and stuff, but I don't have a really great idea of what they're like.

This inspires me to recap even more books, so look for these to come soon.

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BananaBomb said...

Hey are you missing a lot of BSC books? I have many that are doubles and I really want to share the love with a fellow BSC reader/blogger. I have them listed on Paperback Swap, but if you aren't on there, I'll just mail them to you. I have a list of my doubles on my blog.